Saturday, March 15, 2008

I hate snow!

I thought it was I wrong? I just want spring to come I can't stand the snow anymore! I just looked out the window and it is snowing again. Just the other day I was getting excited because our snow on the grass was getting lower from melting. I think at one point this past winter it was about 5 feet high in some piles , no joke! I have been jealous because I think we are the only family that still has snow in our yard, we live on the wrong side of the street so the sun doesn't hit our yard in front. So now we are getting more oh joy it is. At least it isn't cold enough to really stick.

Here Shalece wants to write a little:

vugtgg,g flhg cfg ddffure dgj m vc cb lkdfkdsfmdsfjseklimn nj,mmhjhweriowklnbkjjkan

She loves the computer, she will climb up on the chair and start to pretend to type. She is such a big girl in her head! I do have to say she has been so funny lately. The past couple of weeks she will walk around the house singing and dancing. She opens her mouth, gets her tongue ready then she moves it from the roof of her mouth down and she goes, "La, La, La" with her hands in the air, shaking her head and wigles her little bum it is really funny I need to take a video of it and put it on here!

Well not really exciting but I will write more later!


Jennica said...

Here I am dying to get to play in snow. My son loves it. You could always move to where I am. We only get snow once a year and it doesnt stick at all. ;)

The Headrick Family said...

Emily your baby is getting so big! I love that you are now blogging at least I can see what you are up to every now and then! Sorry about the snow...bummer that it's snowing in March hopefully it stops soon!

The Sorensen Family said...

Oh I love that picture of her she looks so stinkin' cute!

Kiera said...

Hey Emily, Its Kiera, James Mathis' wife. We had two snow days here in Texas. We had fun with them, but it is a real treat when we get snow!

Julia Rocque said...

Shalece is such a little character. Her smile and expressions are so fun. And I can see a glimpse of your town home in that picture of her in the kitchen--gorgeous! And I also am sooooo tired of snow!