Sunday, March 20, 2011

One More Thing...

Okay so one more thing....My little Sister is getting married! I am so happy for her because she is getting a great guy! We are excited to add him to our family.

Shalece is really excited too! I hope Ashley and Kevin don't think I am a horrible mom because everytime he comes around Shalece goes crazy she loves him and is so excited to see him! So here is a little video to show you...preface of the video!
Kevin is here in Salt Lake...Ashley, bride-to-be is in Logan. Shalece is wanting to see Kevin and will not get it out of her head that we won't so she has made a plan...

Sorry for the underwear...Modesty is the next lesson!

Where have you been?

Well I think I am the worlds worst blogger and facebook checker! So for all of my blog followers, I know I have so many who have been waiting in suspense for the last two years, here is your update!
Life is great! How can I complain of anything when I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls.
I am still working at Kearns High School as a coach and health teacher and loving every minute. The only thing is I wish I could be with my girls more but someday I will be I know it! Shalece is four and full of so much energy I really have a hard time keeping up with her and her little sister, Mckinley, is 6 months. They are wonderful and light up me life more than anyone will ever realize!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Fun

Okay so it has been just a couple of months but no worries we are alive and well! Here are a couple of pictures from the beginning of the summer. We went to Disneyland with Ashley, had fun with the cousins in North Ogden at the pool, went to Family Fun Day at This is the Place State Park and so much more but coming in the next addition!(Maybe later than sooner!)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Divide and Conquer

Oh sweet success how I love thee!...Okay if you are wondering I went with two of my sisters, Kristen and Ashley, and we took on the overly populated stores at 4:30 this morning to get just a few items on our Christmas list. Now I have never in my life participated in such a quest but I do have to say that it was much more enjoyable than I imagined. Last year I thought because I have a little girls I should do this to try and get a couple of sale items but 4:00 am came and went and I found myself getting up around 7:00am and then went to the stores they were still crazy but not too crazy. But this year I really did it we were at Shopko by 4:35 and found ourselves in the back of the line...we didn't know how it would turn out but by around 5:35 we were leaving the store with everything on our lists. This was also thanks to a boy who gave me an ipod docking station that was gone in about 30 seconds of the doors opening. I walked past him and said to Ashley, "Oh he got those!" I was two steps past him and and he said, "Hey I have an extra one I don't really need!" So he gave it to me and said happy birthday...Ashley said that's what I get for reading my scriptures...ha ha ha!
But after Shopko we went to Smith's Marketplace because they have socks for half off...I know that sounds silly but I really only get socks this time of year so it is a pretty great deal! Kmart was next and again we got everything on our lists. We only had one stop left and that was Toys R Us and we didn't stay there long. Not only was the line wrapped around the store the things I wanted were gone but perfectly so because they were a great deal and I just didn't want to go there first!
Anyway, with triumph we walked away..well to McDonald's first for a little bite to eat...with a full trunk and feeling the sweet success of our labors.

Oh yeah thanks to Jana and Melissa who also got me a couple of things at other stores...Melissa you better not have used the credit card for your stuff too! Just teasing! But thanks! I think I am basically done with Christmas and it feels awesome!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shalece's Birthday Pictures!

Happy Birthday Shalece!

Well it seems like just yesterday I was holding this new little baby girl in my arms and now here it is two years later and she is getting so big. She is no longer my baby because everyday she is looking older and older.
On Wednesday the 5th of November Shalece turned two years old. Travis is so cute for the last two years he has taken Shalece's Birthday off of work so he and her get to spend the whole day together and have daddy daughter time! I truely think that he is the cutest dad in the whole world. He loves Shalece so much and gives her everything...the most important being love and the ultimate playmate!
When we first found out we were pregnant with Shalece we were completely surprised. It was not planned and we never thought that we would have a baby as soon as we did. But it is funny how life turns out. Sometimes the least expected is exactly what you need. I can't imagine my life without this little toddler in it. She brings so much love, noise, and happiness into our lives. She is very strongwilled and very spirited and I know that she will have a true purpose in this life...I just hope I do a good enough job at teaching her what she needs to know.
We had a really fun time both of our families came over and cramed into our little house and the party began! I made an Elmo cake and I have to say I don't know if the hours you put in is really worth it...I think it was gone in a matter of ten minutes. Good thing I took a lot of pictures...I am going to save the pictures and then when Shalece is in her forbiden teen years and thinks I don't give her anything I am going to pull out all of her cake pictures and remind her of the hours I spent decorating them all of these past years and remind her of how much I have given her! Just teasing! (But really thanks mom for all the cakes you decorated for me and my siblings...I understand now why it took so long!)
Anyway it was Elmo themed because just as of late Shalece has grown attached to Elmo. Well every present she opened was some kind of elmo toy, movie, coloring book, or stuffed elmo. We are just a few items short of opening our own Elmo museum. (I will let you know when it opens!) But it was really fun and she loved every minute. All week she had been so excited and she would say, "Happy to you, me!" She loves birthdays.
Well I just have to say I am thankful for her and Travis they are my life and I am grateful to have such wonderful family! Thanks Travis and Shalece I love more than you could ever know!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Fall!

Okay so it has been a long time and I am sure that no one even looks at my blog anymore but what the who, here I am! These last few months have been very full...from school starting, going to Chicago, my grandpa Startup's passing away, Halloween, Fall break...and so much more I have just given up blogging. I made a slide show of a lot of pictures so if you want to take the time to watch it you can. So lets start from the beginning and we will see if we can get through everything!

School: Well it has been going for quite sometime now...we just finished the first quarter. I really like my classes even though I had a hard time bonding with a couple of them in the beginning. I didn't have as many students fail...I don't know how you fail health but it happens...but I don't know if not as many failed because I am getting easier or they are working's a mystery. I am excited I have a student teacher starting this week and she will be with me until the middle of march. She is really cute and I think she will do a great job.

Chicago: So I had the opportunity to go to Chicago, again, for school and the best part is that is was paid for a second time...yeah call me lucky. I attended the Keep the Drive conference put on by The Allstate Foundation. They chose two of KHS student body officers to be on their national committee so I was their "chaperon" or advisor. It was a lot of fun. I love Chicago if you have never been there you need to go there some time!

October: Shalece has a love/hate relationship with October...well actually Halloween. In the beginning she didn't really know if she liked the decorations or not but by the end of yesterday I think she will be sad to see Halloween go bye, bye. We took her Trick-or-treating with a group of kids her age in the ward. She was galloping from house to house saying, "Cani, Cani, Cani"! Yes she is addicted to candy and I think we need to get her into rehab. She was cute and it was a lot of fun this Halloween.

Grandpa Startup: Well most already know but my grandpa passed away the end of September. He was diagnosed with cancer about a month earlier and he just couldn't shake this off! He was one month shy of 90 years young! He was an amazing man and I miss him very much. Thankfully I know that with the gospel I can live with him again...and I am grateful for that. My Grandma is doing well considering. She comes up usually during the week and stays with my parents. I love going over and seeing her she is so funny and such a wonderful woman. She and my Grandpa had such an amazing life and were extraordinary examples for everyone around them!

Okay so now I am pretty caught up! I love fall but it has been such a weird fall with the weather. This morning I had a basketball clinic I went to and I was really excited to get in the car and turn the radio to 106.5 FM because now that it is November 1st I get to listen Christmas music 24/7...yes I am one of those people, but I usually only listen to it in the car while I am driving places! I am really excited for Christmas this year with Shalece. She is getting so big and she does some really funny stuff! Well enjoy the update because it won't happen for another two months:)! ha ha ha! I will try to be better!