Friday, November 28, 2008

Divide and Conquer

Oh sweet success how I love thee!...Okay if you are wondering I went with two of my sisters, Kristen and Ashley, and we took on the overly populated stores at 4:30 this morning to get just a few items on our Christmas list. Now I have never in my life participated in such a quest but I do have to say that it was much more enjoyable than I imagined. Last year I thought because I have a little girls I should do this to try and get a couple of sale items but 4:00 am came and went and I found myself getting up around 7:00am and then went to the stores they were still crazy but not too crazy. But this year I really did it we were at Shopko by 4:35 and found ourselves in the back of the line...we didn't know how it would turn out but by around 5:35 we were leaving the store with everything on our lists. This was also thanks to a boy who gave me an ipod docking station that was gone in about 30 seconds of the doors opening. I walked past him and said to Ashley, "Oh he got those!" I was two steps past him and and he said, "Hey I have an extra one I don't really need!" So he gave it to me and said happy birthday...Ashley said that's what I get for reading my scriptures...ha ha ha!
But after Shopko we went to Smith's Marketplace because they have socks for half off...I know that sounds silly but I really only get socks this time of year so it is a pretty great deal! Kmart was next and again we got everything on our lists. We only had one stop left and that was Toys R Us and we didn't stay there long. Not only was the line wrapped around the store the things I wanted were gone but perfectly so because they were a great deal and I just didn't want to go there first!
Anyway, with triumph we walked away..well to McDonald's first for a little bite to eat...with a full trunk and feeling the sweet success of our labors.

Oh yeah thanks to Jana and Melissa who also got me a couple of things at other stores...Melissa you better not have used the credit card for your stuff too! Just teasing! But thanks! I think I am basically done with Christmas and it feels awesome!


curlyq31 said...

Oh, I thought you wouldn't mind if I used your card for a few of my things too...woops!

Reese & Lacey said...

Nice job! I am very proud of you shopping so early! I tell myself every year that I am going to go early too but then I don't make it to the stores until after 10am

Melinda said...

I think I left the same comment on Kristen's blog, but sheesh! You girls are crazy! I can't stand the crowds and lines. Not worth the money for me. But that is because I am pretty much super rich. t

Erin said...

Hi Emily...I just found your blog through Tracy's. I hope you don't mind that I took a peek! Our blog is private so if you want to look at it send me your e-mail.

Cute pictures!