Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Fall!

Okay so it has been a long time and I am sure that no one even looks at my blog anymore but what the who, here I am! These last few months have been very full...from school starting, going to Chicago, my grandpa Startup's passing away, Halloween, Fall break...and so much more I have just given up blogging. I made a slide show of a lot of pictures so if you want to take the time to watch it you can. So lets start from the beginning and we will see if we can get through everything!

School: Well it has been going for quite sometime now...we just finished the first quarter. I really like my classes even though I had a hard time bonding with a couple of them in the beginning. I didn't have as many students fail...I don't know how you fail health but it happens...but I don't know if not as many failed because I am getting easier or they are working's a mystery. I am excited I have a student teacher starting this week and she will be with me until the middle of march. She is really cute and I think she will do a great job.

Chicago: So I had the opportunity to go to Chicago, again, for school and the best part is that is was paid for a second time...yeah call me lucky. I attended the Keep the Drive conference put on by The Allstate Foundation. They chose two of KHS student body officers to be on their national committee so I was their "chaperon" or advisor. It was a lot of fun. I love Chicago if you have never been there you need to go there some time!

October: Shalece has a love/hate relationship with October...well actually Halloween. In the beginning she didn't really know if she liked the decorations or not but by the end of yesterday I think she will be sad to see Halloween go bye, bye. We took her Trick-or-treating with a group of kids her age in the ward. She was galloping from house to house saying, "Cani, Cani, Cani"! Yes she is addicted to candy and I think we need to get her into rehab. She was cute and it was a lot of fun this Halloween.

Grandpa Startup: Well most already know but my grandpa passed away the end of September. He was diagnosed with cancer about a month earlier and he just couldn't shake this off! He was one month shy of 90 years young! He was an amazing man and I miss him very much. Thankfully I know that with the gospel I can live with him again...and I am grateful for that. My Grandma is doing well considering. She comes up usually during the week and stays with my parents. I love going over and seeing her she is so funny and such a wonderful woman. She and my Grandpa had such an amazing life and were extraordinary examples for everyone around them!

Okay so now I am pretty caught up! I love fall but it has been such a weird fall with the weather. This morning I had a basketball clinic I went to and I was really excited to get in the car and turn the radio to 106.5 FM because now that it is November 1st I get to listen Christmas music 24/7...yes I am one of those people, but I usually only listen to it in the car while I am driving places! I am really excited for Christmas this year with Shalece. She is getting so big and she does some really funny stuff! Well enjoy the update because it won't happen for another two months:)! ha ha ha! I will try to be better!


Jennica said...

Busy, busy. So cute and try to keep up. I miss hearing from you. Miss you.

Jeff and Stacey said...

The bath picture of Shalece is so adorable!! Well, okay, all of them are:) That is so funny when I saw you and Travis' costumes, because Jeff's sister and her husband had like the same costumes!! You looked totally cute and Travis's was hillarious! You have a student teacher??? You lucky bum!! haha, that will be so fun:) Thanks for the update:) Miss you guys!!!

Reese & Lacey said...

I check your blog! And it has been 4 months since your last post not two. I am glad you are doing well. I miss you and I hope that we can get together sometime in the near future.

The Lilly's said...

That was fun to see all your pictures. Since basketball is about to start I guess it may be a while before we get to see more! Shalece is so gosh dang cute!

Melinda said...

Chicago is a great city! I would love to visit there again.

Not only do I not know how anyone could fail health, I don't know how you can put up with high schoolers all day long. Eye yai yai.

Oh yeah, penquins are cute, but your little one is freaking adorable. I loved her dancing on Melissa's blog. I hope I can see all you girls soon!

Julia said...

I am so happy to see a new post. Shalece is such a little doll! I cannot believe she is already 2! I love her in her witch costume. Halloween is so much more fun with kids, in my opinion. I was sad to hear about your grandpa. He was such a sweet man and I was glad to take care of him the few times I did. I am glad to see things are going well for you guys.